How Skinimalism Finally Got Men Into Skincare

How Skinimalism Finally Got Men Into Skincare

It’s 2021 and men are (finally) getting into skincare - all thanks to skinimalism. For many men, skincare has been unchartered territory in the past because it was just too complicated. Who can blame them? It was either a routine with over 10 steps or women’s skincare that didn’t work for their thicker skin. But that’s about to change now as brands launch skincare specific to men with skinimalism in mind.

What’s Skinimalism & Why Men Love It?

According to The Derm Review, “skinimalism is a play on minimalism that focuses on using minimal products possible for the maximum benefit to your skin”. This means opting for quality (rather than quantity) products without sacrificing on the results of a healthier, clearer, and more balanced complexion. 

Skinimalism doesn’t just take the complexity out of your skincare routine, it can prevent issues of redness, dryness, and disrupted pH balance resulting from layering multiple products. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that it’s light on your wallet and the planet! Since you’ll be using fewer products, skinimalism encourages the use of high-quality mult-tasking products that are not only better for your skin, but are huge timesavers - like the ‘Bettr You Set’.

Why Bettr Has The Perfect Skinimalism Set


Bettr Skincare is a simple and effective skincare brand that was born from the ‘less is more’ mindset. Its ‘Bettr You Set’, with just three products, works as an all-in-one solution tackling every skin concern, from acne to discolorations and fine lines. Specifically formulated for men's tougher skin and all skin types, the complete multi-tasking trio is the only thing needed for a healthier, clearer, and balanced skin.

The Bettr You Set includes the three non-negotiable skincare products to create a skinimalist regimen: cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. The charcoal cleanser gently removes impurities leaving the skin refreshed and balanced. While the serum combats visible signs of aging and uneven skin tone. To seal it all in, the moisturizer intensely replenishes your face for a healthy glow.

Bettr’s minimal, no-nonsense stance isn’t just for its sleek, black-on-black packaging. Years of research and development have turned complex formulas into simple skincare. So you have it easy with just three products and a 60 seconds routine - now that’s true skinimalism.

Jump on the skinimalism trend withBettr Skincare now.

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