REAL REVIEW: “If you know the difference between average and best, you would choose Bettr”

I’m Four and I’ve always been someone that’s looked after my skin. Think about it, besides your clothes, your face is the first thing that someone sees. You can change your clothes, but you can’t change your facial skin. And that’s exactly why I’ve always taken really good care of it. When my mate introduced me to Bettr, I didn’t hesitate one bit before trying the Bettr You Set. 

The good thing with Bettr is  that they have this 30-day money-back guarantee offer, which means if it doesn’t work I could’ve easily returned the products and gotten my money back. So, I felt like the risk of using Bettr was super low and I didn’t have anything to worry about.

I had never tried using serum before so that was a new experience for me. It was addressed by concerns regarding the crow’s feet around my eyes and on my forehead. Obviously, in the beginning I didn’t see that much of a difference but after the three week mark I was getting compliments from everyone around me.

After using the products for 30 days, I can really see that my skin is better now. Day after day, my face looked brighter and felt more balanced. As someone that’s tried a variety of skincare products in the market, Bettr’s quality and results truly differentiates itself from the rest. Forget about botox and any other anti-aging creams, if you’re someone that knows the difference between average and best, you would choose Bettr. 

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