REAL REVIEW: “My students said I looked younger.”

Hello there, I’m Tom and I just wanted to share my experience with Bettr Skincare. I’m a 35 year old man, so obviously I have used skincare before but it was my first time using something so luxurious. In the sense that earlier I would just to go for drugstore skincare without a thought about the ingredients or what I was putting on my face.

The Bettr face wash leaves the skin quite fresh and clean. The moisturizer has to be my favorite product. As soon as I put it on, my face feels hydrated very quickly and genuinely stays hydrated throughout the day. When I came across Bettr, I was home teaching online all day, and the AC was on full blast which really dried out my skin, yet with Bettr I’ve never felt the need to reapply. With the other products I’ve used before, I have had to reapply throughout but day. I enjoy doing the routine in the morning, it’s quite invigorating. It wakes me up and makes me feel like I’m ready for the day. I look forward to putting it before bed, cause when I wake up my skin looks great then I get to do it all over again.

Overall my skin looks supple, fresh, a lot smoother. It’s been an pleasant experience. It has benefited by the products, and the pictures really show. My students said I look younger, so it really did make a visible difference.

If I ever got the opportunity to feel the power of three, you have to take it. I am never going to stop using Bettr’s products because it has had a very positive impact on my face. I hope you try Bettr skincare and embark on the journey because I seriously recommend it to every man, especially men in their late 30’s.

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