REAL REVIEW: “Your skin can’t drink water, it needs your help”

Hey Team Bettr, I’m Elliot and I can safely say that I’m obsessed with your products. I salute your team of dermatologists for creating the best men’s skincare product I’ve used.

Before Bettr, it seemed like no matter the season, my skin would feel as dry as the dessert. It would be even worse during the winters. But any skincare product I tried made my skin break out. I’m so gald my friend recommended Bettr to me and I finally found a skincare routine that works without ruining my skin.

Your skin can’t drink water, it needs your help. You literally have to keeping chugging water all day so that your skin doesn’t get dehydrated. But I’m really shit at drinking water, so I had to turn to skincare for an extra boost of hydration. As I’m getting older, I noticed that my skin isn’t holding moisture as much as it used to - with other brands I would have to reapply my moisturizer at least thrice a day which was a pain in the a*s. When Bettr says 72 hours of moisturize it really does mean it. No false advertising and no gimmicks.

Men out there, this is the real deal. The price is slightly on the higher end and I agree but it’s worth every single f*cking penny because I go to sleep knowing my face doesn’t feel scratchy or dry anymore.

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