Top 3 Secrets Women Go Banana's Over About A Man’s Face But Never Reveal

Top 3 Secrets Women Go Banana's Over About A Man’s Face But Never Reveal

Here’s the truth, the first thing women notice is your face. Yes, your face, not those guns you’ve been building at the gym. You could commit to your workouts but unless you’re investing in your skin, it could all be for nothing. You can still be the toughest man in the room, but your skin doesn’t need to be rough and tough. Having smooth and soft skin doesn’t mean you’ll lose your bad boy status. 

In the game of love, healthy skin may draw the line between winners and losers, and the only way you can come out winning is by investing in your face. We’ve dug deep and uncovered the secrets that make women do a double-take.


A Man On His Purpose (But What Does It Have to Do With Your Face?) 

Women are magnetized towards high-value men; men who have plans, have set goals, and are constantly working towards them. This shows on man's face through his eyes - the look of dominance and self-control. This hunger is something that comes from within, a spark that is cultivated and stoked, eventually roaring into a fire. The great thing about this is that all men are capable of bringing this level of energy to the table - you just have to find out what it is you want in life (become an athlete, investment banker, YouTuber, business owner, etc.), set daily goals that will take you closer to that goal and work relentlessly at them.


Clear Beaming Skin

Let’s be real, you’re attracted to women with clear skin and a smokin’ body. So why would you expect otherwise from her? Having clear skin isn’t just going to help you score a date, but it’ll boost your confidence and once that inner alpha is born there’s no stopping him. Studies have shown that women are naturally wired to find men with healthy skin hot because to them, that signals ‘man with good health’.


Did you know that your post-workout flush face and rosy skin is a major turn-on to women? Ironically, your post-workout flush could be helping and hurting you at the same time. What comes after that flush is breakouts, especially if you’re not careful to wash up immediately and let your pool of sweat clog your pores. 


Youthful Complexion

This one is pretty obvious but is overlooked every single man. Women want the security that comes with dating an older man, but she’ll want to skip out on your saggy skin. How you maintain and make the best of what you’re given is a big deal to women. It shows women how well you treat yourself and understand that your appearance matters – to yourself and for her.

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