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Q: Where is Bettr manufactured in?

All Bettr products are designed in Italy.

We’re proudly made and assembled in Thailand. Why Thailand?

In recent years, Thailand is known to be one of the best places for cosmetics and skincare due to its abundance of top-quality raw materials (herbs, fruits, flowers, & plants), optimal weather conditions, & insanely high industry standards. A lot of the ingredients are organically grown and have a short supply chain - meaning these ingredients come in fresh to our labs and don’t have to go through a long process of transport. It’s the perfect fusion of nature with science and modern technology to give you the best results.

Thailand has also been renowned as one of the top manufacturing and exporting skincare products in the world, due to its vast knowledge in the industry. Its high standards stem from a competitive local market and educated consumers demanding high-quality skincare that are beneficial for your long-term healthy & clear skin. Added to a culture where ‘looking young forever’, and having clear, bright, glowing skin is of high social value, makes it the perfect expertise-filled environment to create the best skincare system for you.

We pick, study, and learn from the best and we don't stop at that, we make it Bettr.
All in all, there’s no doubt Thailand is the place to manufacture Bettr, because we #NeverSettleForLess.

Q: What is Bettr’s vision?

Bettr’s vision is to become the #1 go-to personal care brand for men, that not only provides outstanding and innovative solutions with definite results but engages our people, our communities, our environment, and our world to be Bettr.
Our ultimate goal is to build a Bettr world, through a Bettr you.

Check out our About Us page for more details.

Q: What’s The Bettr solution?

A team of nutritionists and dermatologists are involved in producing and testing the Bettr products.
We have tried to consider as many skin issues as possible to come up with a complete solution - regardless if you want to treat acne, dry or oily skin, sun damage or skin aging, using products made with the right, natural ingredients makes all the difference. We believe that healthy and strong skin creates the best environment for the body to heal itself.

The 3 products in the Bettr You set, are built so that one product is complimenting the other, and they work together as a team to give you that sexy looking skin that gets the ladies heads turning.

Q: I want to endorse Bettr.

That’s awesome! We are always open-minded like minded individuals who share our same core values. You may always contact our influencers & PR team for potential collaborations here: influencers@bettr.co

Q: Does Bettr have authorized resellers near me?

Yes, we currently have a few authorized resellers around the globe!

If you’re in Australia, Myer now carries our products.

For #TeamBettr in Thailand, our products are on BFF Bangkok online and in selected stores.

That’s not all, you’ll soon be able to find us on Amazon USA and Lazada Thailand to name a few.

As of now, we don’t have a store front, but we’ve always dreamt big. Keep watching this space for more updates!.

Products & Ingredients

Q: What’s the Bettr Skincare routine really like?

The 1st focus is on balancing and preserving the natural oils of the skin. This step puts a high concentration on unclogging pores, calming and soothing the skin. The CLEAN BETTR Facial Cleanser treats and draws out impurities from the face to avoid acne-inducing clogged pores, providing a deep cleanse that's not over-stripping and extremely refreshing like you just jumped into a crystal pool.

The 2nd step is all about the glow! The RESTORE BETTR Facial Serum is responsible for restoring the life cells of the skin, rejuvenating with amino acids and proteins naturally found in your skin. In this stage, the skin receives a soft and youthful texture (No wonder you see names of several natural oils and antioxidants in the ingredients list). You might think that the clock stopped ticking forward, but really, it was the serum at work.

In the 3rd & Final step, we seal the deal with the Professional Skincare System with The MOISTURIZE BETTR Facial Moisturizer. Your final focus is on hydration to the maximum level and protection from outside pollutants and toxins. Alongside Vitamin E, it fights pigmentation and aims for reducing UV damage to the skin leaving it bright and hydrated for over 72 hours with nourishment and protection that’s like a forcefield on your face.

With each milestone, it just keeps getting Bettr!

Q: Are ingredients organic and natural?

Bettr formulas contain organic and natural origin ingredients, ECOCERT & COSMOS Approved, free of harmful chemicals and toxins, and no parabens. All our products follow standard procedures, lab tests, and have licenses that comply with regulations.

You can learn more about the product ingredients and characteristics through this link.

Q: Where can I find the complete list of ingredients?

You can find the complete list under the Ingredients section of each product page. All our products have their complete ingredients printed on the back of the packaging box as well.

You can as well learn more about the product ingredients and characteristics through this link.

Q: Is Bettr tested on animals?

This to us is a bizarre question, I mean why would we want to? We’re humans. To answer your question, all of Bettr products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Q: Is Bettr suitable for darker skin or Asian skin?

Yes! Bettr meets the challenge of providing a skincare for all skin types and colors. Skincare has no race or barriers.

On the side note, the MOISTURIZE BETTR Facial Moisturizer has a richer texture and may appear a bit dense in hot weather & climates, hence we do suggest to use only pea size of it.

Q: My skin is really sensitive or very dry/oily, does Bettr work for me?

Yes! The key word here is Balance.

Here’s why: For dry skin, Bettr intensely hydrates, reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier retaining and locking in moisture. For oily skin, The Bettr formula reduces sebum production expertly balancing the skin’s natural equilibrium, replenishes the skin without clogging pores and regulates the skin’s overall moisture level.
It tackles all the barriers on the way sliding deep into the core of the skin to provide a complete care: protection and repair, daily maintenance, high skin defence, glow, rejuvenation, and flawless complexion.

Your skin will thank you.
Our formulations are also engineered for sensitive-skin first in mind, so if you're sensitive there, don’t be afraid to buy it. Really, we got you covered.

To know how Bettr will help you achieve real results for your skin-type and specific skin problems and goals, go ahead and take our free quiznow!

Q: Leave on or rinse off?

The CLEAN BETTR-Facial Cleanser is described as a rinse off product, meaning you have to wash it off your face after application.
The MOISTURIZE BETTR-Facial Moisturizer and The RESTORE BETTR- Facial Serum are both engineered to be leave-on products.

Want to know how to use the Bettr Routine optimally for the best results? Check this link out!

Q: How can I obtain personalized product advice?

You could take our Product Quiz to understand which products would help solve your specific skin concerns and achieve your skin goals.

Q: When can I see the results?

The results will be noticed within the first 2-4 weeks of use. Many times, you will feel the difference during the first week.
Now use this jump link to check out the results of Men who have taken our Bettr You 30 Day Challenge! See how people like you are getting results.

Order Process & Delivery

Q: What payment methods are acceptable?

We accept multiple payment methods for your flexibility and convenience.

We accept all Credit Card payments via VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, & SplitIt Installment Plans. As well as Paypal, Google Pay, & Apple Pay payments.
All purchases are 100% secured, purchased in total confidence.

Q: Where will my order be shipped from & what shipping couriers do you guys use?

Bettr has invested in 3 warehouses across the globe (USA, EU, & ASIA) to deliver products to you faster so you can get to results sooner. We know time is of the essence.

We partner with FedEx, UPS, and DHL to ship the gems to you. To view more about our shipping policy and details, click here.

Q: Do you ship to my country?

We can’t assist you with the sun-damaged skin received on Mars, but we can help on Earth.

We ship Worldwide to over 168 countries including yours!

Q: How much is the shipping and how long does it take?

Learn more about the shipping couriers, delivery periods, shipping costs, & customs tax by hopping into this link.
Remember, we give you FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 USD.

Q: I received a verification request for my order. What is it for?

Did you know, credit card fraud losses surmount to over $28.65 Billion dollars per year...

So if you are reached out by our support@bettr.co email (this is our only support email), our fraud protection system may have detected some suspicious activity. Don’t worry, there can simply be a mismatch with your full name, billing address, or IP, so your order may be flagged by our system.

In that case, it is our responsibility to verify your order first to make it eligible to ship out. Sometimes the system is wrong, and we do apologize for the time. It is our big responsibility to ensure our customers are safe from fraud. All information we collect in this order verification process is 100% private and confidential, never to be shared anywhere.

We know you’re looking forward to receiving your Bettr gems arriving fast and safely, right? So do we!
Thank you for understanding and letting us help you.

Q: The delivery failed, was my order canceled?

Don’t panic. Just reach out to us, we’ll get it handled for you. Your order was most likely updated by our fulfillment team with a new tracking number. Please contact support@bettr.co if you have not received an email/message update.

Q: The wait is too long, can I switch the shipping method?

The answer is yes and no!

We can change your shipping method if you contact support@bettr.co right after placing the order, and your order ISN’T shipped out yet.
If the order has already been shipped out with the initial delivery method paid for, unfortunately we will not be able to change it, rest assured that our team will definitely keep track of your order and ensure it arrives at your doorstep safely.

Any other concerns, do reach out to us immediately.

Q: How can I change my shipping address if I have already placed an order?

We understand your fingers type fast!
We always ensure everything is correct and verified before proceeding with the delivery, yet if you wish to change your shipping address or you made a mistake, you may contact our customer happiness representatives here at support@bettr.co immediately.

Please note, if your order ISN’T shipped out, we can change your address.

However, if the order has already been shipped with the initial delivery address you entered, unfortunately we most likely don’t have the power and ability to stop a plane flying mid-air. But do reach out immediately if you have any concerns, and we’ll see how we can help

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Please contact us at support@bettr.co, as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or amend your order.
We will happily do our best for any orders that have not already been processed or make it right for you.

Q: How can I track my order?

All orders are shipped with Tracking. Your tracking number will be sent out to you via email or text.

Q: What about customs and taxes?

The customers in the US, EU countries, and Thailand will enjoy a tax free policy. For the rest of the world, customers may be responsible for taxes and custom fees (If applicable). See more details here at the shipping policy.

Our goal is to have full coverage worldwide where none of our customers will face any duties and taxes. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We’ll find a solution for you.

Q: The customs office in my country requests to know more about the product and company. What is your solution to this?

We do take care of each and every requirement present for carrying out international deliveries to be successful.
However if there's any further requirement from the foreign customs in your country, such as product information or commercial invoices, feel free to reach out at support@bettr.co. We'll gladly help you out and do everything required from our side to release the shipment.

Q: My package was lost/stolen, and I never received it.

We ship all our packages with the best and most reliable shipping couriers in the world via DHL, FedEx and UPS mail.

If your package gets “lost” during transit, it is our responsibility and we’ll happily ship you a new one.

If your tracking number shows “Delivered”, then you may want to contact your local post office to verify, some packages are held at the local post office and may just need your confirmation. Do contact us if this happens or you have other questions regarding this, we will find a solution together.

Returns & Cancellation

Q: The product is leaking, and has a defect.

Shame on us!

Email us at support@bettr.co immediately and we will replace it with a new one for you totally Free of charge. Do send us visual proof in the email to expedite the process, this will also help us to ensure that this situation won’t ever occur again.

Q: Have been using it for 2 weeks, allergies and irritation occuring.

Well, that’s rare! But it’s possible.

Please note that our products are made and safe for even the most sensitive skin-types.

However, if you are unhappy, we take full responsibility and provide the 30 Day Money Guarantee Policy for your comfort and trust. Do contact us immediately, and we can help recommend the best way for you to fix it.

Q: Ordered by mistake, I need to cancel.

We always knew you had superpowers… like invisible fingers clicking purchase for you.

In short, yes, you can cancel… but should you? There’s technically no mistakes, there’s only actions you regret after committing them. The bigger question is, why do you change your mind so easily? If you are willing to quit on your goals this easily, then Bettr may not be for you as we wouldn’t share the same values...
But if you believe in investing in yourself, we’d like for you to consider actually trying our products out. Thousands of individuals have seen transformations and confidence-boosting results.
Remember, there’s no risk. You are always backed by our 30-Day Money Back “Empty Bottle” Guarantee, so even if you use it, if you don’t love it, it’s on us. We’re that confident.

If you still choose the fromer, kindly contact support@bettr.co.
If it’s not shipped yet, we’ll cancel and refund. In case your order has already been shipped, we may ask you to return it and then provide you a refund accordingly.

Q: Accidentally ordered two instead of one.

Lucky accident!

Please kindly contact support@bettr.co in such cases.
If the order is not yet shipped, we will happily do that for you.


Q: What is Bettr’s "Subscribe & Save"?

Subscribe and save allows you to automate your routine, save more, and not run out of product & progress.

You’ll save 10% off retail prices and get your Bettr products automatically billed and shipped to your doorstep hassle-free according to your chosen schedule every 30, 45, or 60 days.

When you subscribe to us, we understand your commitment to self-care and self-improvement. We value that so we'd like to offer Free Shipping for ALL your subscription orders! Simply use special coupon code: “ALWAYSBETTR” for FREE SHIPPING! ( This code is only available for subscription purchases)

Best part, you have full control, you may modify, edit or extend delivery dates, skip or cancel your subscription at anytime. It is 100% flexible to your needs.

Please note: Splitit payment plans are not available on subscription orders. All subscription orders are processed in $USD.

Q: I have a subscription with Bettr, but my current set is enough. How do I opt out of receiving a new one in the coming month?

It’s Bettr, it’s never enough!

No worries, we can change, modify, or cancel your subscription anytime to your desired schedule. Simply shoot us a message.

Q: Does Bettr have discounts or promotions?

Rarely, but you can get an edge by signing up for our email newsletter or following us on Instagram (@bettr.co) so you can stay up to date on our latest promotions and exclusive offers. If you snooze, you may lose, so don’t miss out.

Q: How can I manage my subscriptions?

Easier than you think!

Just log in to your account and click at Manage Subscription button on the right corner!

Still feeling stuck? We're just an email away! Let us know how we can be of help to you through support@bettr.co

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