Bettr Ships to India, but...

We gotta play by the rules! Our lovely customers residing in India, - whether you're an Indian citizen or foreign national, our shipping partner would need you to fill in an online KYC form as a mandatory step to import to India. 

This is not THAT big of a deal actually, so grab a cup of chai tea, sit comfortably, and  go with the flow of instructions by DHL India:

If you're still reading this, it means you've got a genuine interest to get Bettr. We applaud your choice and are beyond grateful to have caught your attention. Stick with us, because it only gets Bettr from here.

Here's How To Get Your Bettr Package:

1. When placing your order with Bettr, provide shipping information that corresponds to ONE of the following documents as ID and Address Proof:

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card *
  • Voter ID
  • Passport

*A separate address proof document will be required

2. A few days after Bettr has processed your order, you'll receive an email from DHL India to fill in the online KYC form.

Here's a very important notice to keep in mind

*Bettr orders can't be edited after the status of fulfillment is finalized. Meaning, we won't be able to revise your shipping address after the order is shipped out. Shipping labels are unmodifiable. 

Moreover, feels bizarre to remind you of this one, please make sure you do not misspell your name and registered address in order to avoid being required to prove "a fake identity".

We hope you follow the first notice carefully in order not to face a mismatch in the provided addresses. Yet, if you do, we totally understand folks, we're equally excited for your Bettr order - so, there's a plan B.


You will be asked to provide ONE of the following documents to match your shipping information, if any of above mentioned documents fails to match the delivery address of your Bettr order:

  • Bank Account Statement
  • Electricity Bill
  • Employee ID
  • Hotel Booking Receipt
  • LPG Connection Receipt
  • Rent Agreement

3. Wait (impatiently) for custom clearance.

4. Receive your Bettr Skincare and start your Bettr journey! 


We sincerely apologize for asking you to do more than just placing an order. This is beyond our control. Bettr strives to find the best possible ways to make your experience worry-free, yet we've got to admit that the best way to do it is by complying with rules and regulations.

Please rest assured that you've got our full support at, so don't hesitate to shoot us a message if you need any help.

Come on guys, it takes one click to start your Bettr journey!