3 Proven Ways to Get Noticed & Get Ahead at Work

Day in and day out, you show up to work, make your deadlines, and get along with your colleagues and boss—yet you've held the same mid-level position for years. The first step of climbing the corporate ladder is getting noticed.

Be Proactive (Don’t Just Identify Problems, Solve Them)

A promotion isn’t just going to drop on your lap. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the rest is to take initiative. Don’t be a whiner, save your venting for drinks with the boys. What your boss needs is someone with a can-do positive attitude and you can be the guy your boss goes to. Work your magic and prove yourself - recognition will come.

Be Friendly

You want to be the guy everyone’s happy to see. You don’t have to go to every Be the man, you’d like to be around. Being friendly won’t just make you likable but you’ll score brownie points by building relationships and networking.

Being friendly doesn’t mean getting in on the drama. We know passing along that juicy story about your colleague can be tempting but steer clear of the cliques and gossip if you want to be trusted by your boss.

Project Confidence

How you feel about yourself hugely affects your mood and translates over to your work. You’ll never be able to give the presentation of your life or network at an event if you’re constantly worrying about how you look. If you look and feel your best, you’ll be able to focus on performance rather than being conscious of your appearance. The boost of confidence you would get from looking your best wouldn’t just push you to finish your tasks, but enhance your ability to actually achieve your goals.

Looking your best isn’t just about dressing well, it’s got to be the whole deal. If you have the outfit, make sure you have the hygiene and skincare to match it. Taking the extra minute (yes, just 60 seconds) to do a complete skincare routine is only possible with the Bettr You Set. Keep your skin looking fresh and healthy with a simple three-step routine that’s safe for all skin types and not only fuss-free but toxin-free. No more looking pale and pasty in the fluorescent lights that highlight dark circles. When you’re polished, all you need is the confidence to match. A lot of the time, this comes with the thought you put into how you look.

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