3 Things Women Notice First About Men

We have all been there; you spotted a beautiful woman from across the crowded bar and had to work up the courage to go over and introduce yourself. Before you walk up to her, you rehearse the perfect pick-up line to wow her. But what you don’t realize is that even before you open your mouth she has measured you up in 3 different ways.

So, no matter how great your opening line is, if you truly want to impress her you would pay extra attention to the 3 things women notice about men in the first 10 seconds.

A Signature Scent

Your overall smell - breath, body odor, and cologne tells so much about you. It shows that you’re considerate to yourself and others. Finding the right signature scent is a delicate dance that you shouldn’t take lightly. You don’t want to stick to the common crowd of scents that are just going to smell like every guy who has hit on her that night. To stand out, explore for a scent that’s more obscure, but nothing that’s excessive. Moderation is key.

The Right Accessories

No one’s claiming that your outfit or your style isn’t important. It goes without saying a man with a tasteful dressing style has a higher chance of scoring at the bar. But what pulls it all together are the accessories (yes, really). As they say, it’s all in the details. So, the right accessories could make or break the outfit. It can turn a good outfit into a great one. Your watch, cufflinks, tie, sunglasses, shoes, and even wallet are subtle ways to send a message. The message could be, ‘I know who I am’ or ‘I have fine taste’. 

A Charming Face & Smile

This is a big one, and probably the most important one. Your smile doesn’t just instantly make you more attractive, it’s actually more primal than that. A smile means, ‘I am not a threat.’ It makes you more fun and relaxed. That doesn’t mean you’re going to take cues from the Joker. Smile with your whole face in a way that looks natural, rather than forced. 

You could be showing all your 32 teeth, lose the big points in her eyes if your face isn’t on point. Nobody (not even you) would like someone that looks ungroomed or unkind to their skin. Don’t skip out on shaving your scruff or setting your hair. Most importantly, don’t forget about your face, your acne flare-ups, flaking skin, or premature wrinkles are just going to hurt your chances. For a healthier complexion, use skincare that actually works, like the Bettr You Set. Trust us, all of this comes together when she does that initial scan when you approach her.

Before you hit the bar, don’t forget when it comes to attracting women, pay attention to how you smell, dress, act, and speak.

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