Achieve Your Full Potential With Bettr Skincare

Achieve Your Full Potential With Bettr Skincare

Have you taken the time to reflect on the quality of your life? We often get so caught up on the daily hustle and bustle that we forget to work on our health and wellness. Wellness is a conscious effort and process towards a more balanced life that could help you reach your full potential.

The Wellness Wheel is a self-exploration tool that helps you assess and identify areas in your life that are going well and areas that might need more attention. True wellness does not depend solely on one aspect but is rather a careful balance of life’s different facets. Experts believe that in order to achieve optimal health and well-being, one should tend to all eight dimensions - social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, and occupational. 

Together, a balance of  these dimensions would work seamlessly to help you achieve your full potential.

Source:University of New Hampshire

How Bettr’s Wellness Mission Helps You

Founded by entrepreneur Jade Vanich, Bettr is more than just a skincare brand, it’s a lifestyle to ‘Build a Better World Through a Better You’. Without losing sight of what truly matters, Bettr Skincare built a brand that weaves its wellness philosophy and mission in its products and beyond.

Bettr’s wellness approach benefits individuals and the community as a whole. Crafted with certified organic ingredients and packed in recyclable packaging, Bettr’s all-natural formula is conscious to the environment and to you. Its well researched unique formula took years of perfecting and dermatologist approval before reaching you.

It goes without saying that, as a skincare brand Bettr is concerned with not just the appearance of skin but men’s skin health. The ‘Bettr You Set’ works as an at-home professional skincare solution for all skin issues - dry, combination, oily, acne-prone, or aging skin. The set acts as a simple but complete multi-tasking trio your face needs for healthier, clearer, and balanced skin.

According to Business Insider, “experiments show that society considers attractive people ‘as more sociable, dominant, sexually warm, mentally healthy, intelligent, and socially skilled’ than unattractive people.” The article further states that higher levels of confidence has been linked to being viewed as an attractive quality. Thus, Bettr merely helps bring out the best in you and let your confidence come through. With consistent use, in just four weeks, 90% of men have reported a visibly healthier complexion and feeling more confident.

Lastly, the brand provides men with a community of like minded individuals that can come together to experience the same journey - whether it’s with skincare or more.

Get To Know Bettr's Complete Skincare Trio

The Bettr You Set includes the three non-negotiable skincare products: cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. The charcoal cleanser gently removes impurities leaving the skin refreshed and balanced. While the serum combats visible signs of aging and uneven skin tone. To seal it all in, the moisturizer intensely replenishes your face for a healthy glow.

Start your wellness journey withBettr!

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