How to Be Irresistibly Suave Like James Bond

Though you probably would never be a super-spy, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t look or behave like one. When 007 hit the big screens, there was no arguing that he was as cool a man as one could get. Every man wanted to possess Bond’s debonair and every woman dreamt of his irresistible charms. If you’ve ever wanted to develop James Bond-like finesse, here are a few lessons we would recommend taking from him.

Manners maketh the man

Bond sure knows how to behave in company. His silver tongue comes in handy not only when negotiating with allies but when wooing beautiful women that were thrown in the mix. The name of the game is becoming more charismatic is to always be polite, learn to hold an engaging two-way conversation, and develop savoir-faire. Savoir-faire is a French phrase that roughly translates - knowing what to do in any situation. A man with savoir-faire adapts to any situation effortlessly while putting his knowledge and ability to use.

When it came to the ladies, Bond always put on a cool, confident yet aloof ‘alpha’ personality that made the ladies fall hard and fast for him. He achieved his magnetic charm with a balance of toughness and tenderness that won their hearts.

Don’t underestimate the importance of appearance

Your physique, style, and grooming all come together to build the James Bond persona. Nothing gives you more confidence than looking your best. If you’re proud of the way you look, you’re more likely to go out, talk to new people, go on adventures, get that promotion or simply win at life. Start with hitting the gym and getting in amazing shape, but after doing those bench presses don’t forget to take care of your face. Grooming and skincare go hand in hand, you can’t focus on one and forget the other. To always look ruggedly handsome build a simple grooming and skincare routine, like Bettr’s 60-second three-step routine that’s sustainable in the long run.

Don’t just stop there, dress the part of a British Secret Service, in bespoke suits for that cutting-edge style. Though, the real secret to Bond’s style besides tailored suits is knowing how to dress for the occasion. From a black-tie evening suit to relaxed beachwear, James Bond pulls together the right look for the right venue – and you’ll never be truly cool until you master this.

Now that you’ve got that sorted, don’t forget the next time you’re at a bar your drink order is - ‘A martini. Shaken, not stirred.’

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