REAL REVEIW: “Bettr is the only skincare worth your time”

Hi, I’m Younes. I have got to be honest with you guys, I didn’t like using creams especially facial creams. They made me feel uncomfortable, they would just sit on my face which was very unnatural. But, at the same time, I’m not very happy with my skin. The thing is my beard grows really quickly which means I have to shave it very often and every time I shave it, my skin becomes overly sensitive. It becomes red like a lobster, I get rashes and lots of redness - it would look like I got an allergic attack. That’s not all, another problem I have is dark circles and crow’s feet around my eyes. I’m just in my mid-twenties but when I look in the mirror or people meet me for the first time, that’s not the impression my face gives off.

I have used Bettr for almost two months, ever since the first day that I used the moisturizer, my face felt really soothed and I didn’t dread shaving as much anymore. The first month I saw improvement but not significant on my dark circles from the serum but I wasn’t consistent in using it. I was stricter on using it in the second month and I tell you, it’s the best thing. I don’t look as tired anymore or feel like I look like a panda. 

I can’t thank my friend enough for recommending Bettr to me. After using Bettr, I’ve received so many compliments. If you’re looking to get into skincare, Bettr is the only brand worth your time.

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