Real Review: A Tragic Accident Wrecked My Facial Skin Until I Found Bettr

A little background story about myself, I’m Winzzy and roughly 8-9 years ago I was actually involved in a fire accident. That left 50% of my body with 3rd-degree burns, but luckily my face only received 1st-degree burns. Up until that point I never really considered having a skincare routine. Whilst I was in the shower I would just use my shower gel or anything I could grab and I didn’t mind. But, after the fire, I started to lose elasticity in my skin and it became very dry. That’s when I found Bettr and because of their money-back guarantee, I thought I had nothing to lose.

My final impression of the Bettr range is that it’s a really simple product range to use. It’s fantastic in the fact that it helps balance your face. I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now and my face isn’t flaky anymore. 

Right from the start, the packaging itself looked better than anything I’ve seen. They don’t fluff you up with the fantastic packaging and let you down with the actual products - the products and packaging are both of high quality. Since I’ve used this skincare, I feel that silkiness and softness come back into my skin that I haven’t seen for 8 or 9 years since my accident.



I genuinely never thought I would add this kind of product to my daily routine, but now I can’t imagine having to go one day without my Bettr skincare. I’m thankful to Bettr for giving back my skin.



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