Real Review: 'I really love Bettr'

Hi, it’s Paul here. As a professional model, it is super important for me to always look my best, whether it’s my face or my body. So, I hit the gym a lot to keep fit and I’ve been using over-the-counter and drugstore skincare for as long as I can remember. But 9/10 I would use a skincare product for two weeks and I would start breaking out until I came across Bettr Skincare. Thankfully with Bettr it was completely opposite - my skin just kept getting better every day. For reals, my acne has cleared up (even maskne), there’s no more redness, and my blackheads are pretty much gone. Around the two-week mark, I was almost expecting my skin to get angry and act up as it did with every other skincare I’ve used. But I can’t explain the relief I felt when that didn’t happen and I saw results, which have been consistent ever since. 

I remember when I came across Bettr’s ad on Facebook, I was so frustrated with my sensitive skin and acne I was ready to give up on skincare entirely. But I’m so glad I didn’t. I remember just after the first use, I felt like my skin was clearer, more nourished, and firmer. When I use the moisturizer, I feel like I could do anything, go swim, go to the gym or take a lap around the world, and yet I would still feel protected. This one time, my girlfriend and I went on a beach trip and my chest and arms were burnt but my face was fine - all thanks to the moisturizer.

I’m just like every man out there, I’m super lazy with my skincare too. The routine is just three products - a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer that takes me ten minutes a day but it’s totally worth it with the results that I’ve seen. I’m going to be honest what’s dope is how smart the black-on-black design is. When I’m in the shower and I see all of my girlfriend’s products, I spot my black mark and just pick it up. It’s a super-smart design that makes the routine faster.

“I really love Bettr, I love the design and the fact that it’s natural and environmentally friendly. They really do check all of the boxes and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Thank you Bettr for this better skin!”

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