Real Review: “I should thank my fiancé for making me a Bettr man”

Growing up I never really thought of my skin, I never thought of skincare, I never bought products to take care of skin. I had acne sometimes, so once in a while, I would get something to take care of the zit on my face but I never really took the time otherwise. Now, today I’m a busy teacher, I get up at the crack of dawn and rush off to school, I don’t get time to look in the mirror. At the end of the day, I get home and a lot of the time I’m grading papers until late at night. 

Recently when my fiancé said I’m starting to get lines around my eyes, dark circles under my eyes, and lines on my forehead I started to take more notice and I started to actually look at myself in the mirror. She made me think about taking care of my skin especially for the long time and years ahead. It was kind of a turning point for me - so I did a lot of research because I wanted to know what I should do to take care of all these issues that my fiancé pointed out. That’s when I found out about Bettr Men’s Skincare.

I’ve used the Bettr You Set for just over two weeks now, and I plan to continue using it. I have felt and seen my face drastically improve. Problems that I didn’t even think I had are not disappearing, like the redness on my face and some oily nose issues. I don’t come home looking as shiny as I used to. Obviously, I don’t look like a baby but I can tell the skin around my eyes is smoother somehow. I should thank my fiancé for making me a Bettr man.

So guys out there if you’ve got a face and if you’ve got skin, you need Bettr. For only $3 a day you can transform your skin. That’s literally lesser than I spend on coffee in a day, but the benefits are real and really worth it.

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