REAL REVIEW: “If the acne gels and acne creams didn’t work, try Bettr”

I'm Johnny, a digital marketer by day and an amateur chef by night. My main issue was I couldn’t find products that would work for my skin. After speaking to Bettr’s customer service representative, I realized I might have combination skin. That's why my skin would feel dry after washing and oily for no reason. It finally makes sense why it was such a nightmare trying to find skincare that worked. For instance, skincare for oily skin would over dry my dry areas and vice versa. That wasn’t all, I’m not entirely sure whether it was all the wrong products or it’s normal with combination skin but about six months ago I started breaking out a lot. So, with Bettr I finally found balance.

My favorite product is moisturizer. It truly keeps my skin light and smooth without it being greasy. I don’t have this oily film on my face all day and doesn’t feel heavy or actually like I’ve applied any product on my face.

If you’re like me and you have combination skin or acne. And if you have tried all the acne gels and acne creams and they didn’t work,  you need to try Bettr. Because they use top quality and natural ingredients, I hardly get any acne and the redness from acne has pretty much disappeared.

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