REAL REVIEW: “It has improved my confidence tenfold”

I’m Elliott, and I want to talk about someone most guys don’t discuss - skincare. The truth is men do everything that is terrible for their skin - eating like crap, sweating at the gym, and drinking. I myself am guilty of all of this, and like me, I’m sure most of us aren’t willing to give that up. So, that’s why I’m writing this review because I don’t want my bros out there to miss going about life without using this life-changing called Bettr skincare. Bought on a whim, I thought Bettr would be helpful to some acne that started showing up during the summer but it quickly became an essential part of my daily routine. To be honest, I wasn’t even bothered with the redness on my face, but I’m not complaining that it helped soothe that too.


Elliott A.'s Transformation


It’s just a super simple skincare routine that takes a little over sixty seconds, but it’s improved my confidence tenfold. Though, I didn’t have many skin problems before, but now it’s reduced my redness, made my skin brighter, more vibrant. In the past few weeks, I have had friends and family coming up to me telling me how good my skin looks. It has changed my perspective on myself and my interactions with people. It truly made me realize how much confidence does affect your perspective or your actions. Do yourself a favor and go get Bettr.

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