REAL REVIEW: “Thanks to Bettr I Don’t Wonder Anymore What’s It Like to Be Acne-Free”

Hey guys, I'm Jeremy, a fellow Bettr enthusiast from Russia. Before Bettr, the biggest worry I had about my skin was that every time I had a conversation with anyone I would think they were focusing on my acne more than the conversation itself. Of course, I know most of the time it’s silly and it’s just in my head but I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if I was acne-free. 

I like their black on black on black concept - it’s really dope. I can actually see the difference in my pores after using the cleanser, it really does a deep clean without over drying my skin. It also smells nice….After I clean my face, I look forward to using the moisturizer. It’s really good quality and there’s lots of good stuff in it (that’s what my girlfriend told me and I can’t disagree). 

All I really care about is that this cleared out my adult acne and I’ve regained the confidence that I had lost. Thanks to Bettr, I don’t wonder anymore what it’s like to be acne-free. I’m so happy to discover Bettr because I can see actual results. Gone are the headaches and breakouts. I finally feel I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

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