REAL REVIEW: “The whole experience is very convenient"

It’s Jeremy here, originally from France, now I’m in Asia working in Marketing. Back in March this year, a friend of mine discovered Bettr and wanted the company to do Bettr’s 30 Day Challenge, so I gave it a shot without giving it too much thought. Before the Bettr challenge, in terms of skincare routine, I didn’t really have a skincare routine I kept up with. I generally don’t apply any products to my skin because it’s just not something I would buy or even look out for when I’m out shopping.

First things first, I’m a huge fan of the overall packaging aesthetics. I think it looks really minimal, premium, and sleek. It’s something that really speaks to me. Just by looking at the packaging alone, I could tell how much thought went into it.

A day or two after using the products, I was happy just from the fact that how easy it was to use especially since skincare isn’t really part of my daily routine, so it didn’t take too much of my time. Around day 3 or day 4, I remember getting pimples but I wasn’t too worried about it, since my girlfriend that was normal, which means it’s working to pull out the impurities. And she was right, the pimples disappeared faster than they came. Over the month, I met with an accident and was hospitalized, but I still took the products with me. They’re a good size to take along with if you’re traveling.

Fast forward to the final week, my overall thoughts on the products are nothing but positive. You can tell that not just the packaging is premium but so is quality. There are no preservatives, or harmful ingredients so it was really gentle on my skin which felt softer and looked clearer after 4 weeks of consistent use. The fact that there are only three products made the whole experience very convenient.

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