Real Review: 'Trust me the results are real'

I decided to get into skincare because I wanted to protect my face from Bangkok’s humidity and heat. I also, felt like my face had some uneven textures that I kept telling myself was just from shaving or my stubble. I realized that wasn’t the case, and I had to stop making excuses for myself and get serious with my facial skin - that’s when I found Bettr. Before Bettr, I had never used skicnare before, because personally, it’s really intimidating especially as a man. There are so many products out there aggressively targeting specific types of lifestyle you live - like a skincare brand just for the active man or a skincare brand for outdoorsy men. I always felt like there wasn’t a skincare brand that fit my lifestyle as a simple elementary school teacher. But with Bettr, I liked that it was made for EVERY MAN - your age or your lifestyle didn’t matter. Other skincare brands make skincare for specific issues or skin problems, but what’s cool is, even Bettr’s formula is inclusive. It’s safe for all skin types and solves ALL skin problems from acne to skin texture. That’s just insane, man.

Since I’ve never used any skincare routines before, this is my first time, in the world of skincare. At first, it was sort of difficult to add it to my everyday routine - I had to remind myself cleanser, then serum, then moisturizer last. After the initial first three days, I wasn’t even giving it a second thought. Once I got the hang of it, it turned out to be really really simple to use both with the morning and nightly routine. During my second week, my face was starting to feel more smooth from using the products. That was really assuring that with repetition, the Bettr Set really works. Now that I’ve seen the results and trust me they are real. It’s safe to say Bettr has converted me, and I’ll never go without using skincare again.

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