REAL REVIEW: “Week After Week My Acne Cleared Without Having To Use Spot Creams”

I’m Andrey from Germany. Once the pandemic hit, I jumped ship and became a digital nomad. Thanks to masks, I had really terrible acne, and I did literally everything to hide it. I wish I can say I was able to embrace it, but it really bothered me and messed with my confidence. I used to put my head down or wear hats just to cover my face. I’m so thankful to have found a skincare set that helped clear my acne because I’m telling you adult acne sucks. 

If I’m honest, it wasn’t all good from the start. After the first three days of using the Bettr You Set, I had even worse breakouts. So I reached out to customer service for a refund since they have a money-back guarantee. That’s when customer service promised they would return my money if I still didn’t see results in two weeks. Apparently, breaking out or ‘purging’ after switching skincare or using new skincare is very common because it takes out all the dirt that was on your face earlier. I am beyond grateful that I listened to Bettr’s customer service and stuck it out for two weeks. 

Surprisingly, week after week my acne cleared up without me having to use additional spot creams. Actually, my entire experience with Bettr has been really pleasant - fast shipment, prompt and friendly CS, effective and sleek-looking products. They really know what they’re doing, and they’re doing everything right. If you have any doubt whether to get Bettr, you shouldn't.

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