Real Review: "I can’t thank Bettr enough for my plumper and healthier face."

Hiya, I’m Nash. I’m a model and actor from Canada, currently in Thailand. Ever since I got my first acting gig I’ve had to take care of facial skin and I’ve been into it since then. You can say I’ve tried it all, from high-end brands to drugstore and dermatologist recommended products. But I was never consistent with it, either it was too complicated, it wouldn’t suit my skin, or I would see no results. So, there was always something that stopped me from using skincare consistently. Now that I’m almost touching my mid-30s I want to do everything to avoid Botox, cause that sh*t scares me. So that’s how I decided to go for it with Bettr Men’s Skincare.

I was just looking for something convenient and easy with quick results. I know, most guys around me don’t care about skincare or don’t see the need for it. That’s honestly their loss because skincare is seriously basic hygiene and hygiene isn’t just for the girls. Though a good skincare routine would essentially do more than just clean and that’s exactly what Bettr was for me. The cleanser has to be my favorite, it’s so refreshing and it got rid of the blackheads on my nose on the first use itself. My skin’s on the oilier side, so I had huge pores which somehow shrank and now my face feels tighter. I’ve never been conscious about the brand of my skincare as long as I don’t have an allergic reaction to it and it gives me the results I’m looking for I’m happy. And I can’t thank Bettr enough for my plumper and healthier face.

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