The Only Skincare Tips Gym Junkies Need To Stay Acne-Free

No one’s going to argue that working out is good for you. Exercising doesn’t just have health benefits or keep you in great shape, it’s a great mood booster and a guarantee that ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off of you. Be that as it may, the gym could become a breeding ground for bacteria that could wreak havoc on your skin and cause breakouts. These pesky breakouts could undo all your hard work at the gym and drop your confidence. But this doesn’t have to be your fate, your gym’s sweaty and moist environment doesn’t have to throw your hard work down the drain. Keeping acne-free is all about preparing, preventing, and protecting your skin. You commit to your workout, why not your skin?

Before You Hit the Gym

It never hurts to be prepared whether it’s for a client meeting, an interview, or a blind date. Put your best face (see what we did there) forward by prepping your skin. All you really have to do is just make sure your asset (which of course, is your face) is cleansed, preferably gently so your pores are not irritated and lightly moisturized so sweat won’t clog your pores. A safe bet with no headaches is the Bettr You Set, locked and loaded with three simple skincare products with natural ingredients that’ll keep you acne-free.

While You’re on Beast Mode

Think of how much you sweat while you bench press. Now imagine if the guy before you had sweats equally or more and you used the same sweaty equipment without sanitizing it? If you think of it, gyms basically have a bunch of sweaty people sharing the same equipment, potentially without disinfecting it properly, touching everything from the water fountains to the lockers to the dumbbells. How disgusting is that? But yet, we all do it without giving it a second thought. Not only that, we touch our faces right after touching the sweat equipment then complain about breakouts or even skin infections. If you think you don’t touch your face, you’re probably wrong. It’s been said that the average person touches their face between 2,000 and 3,000 times a day. Mind-blowing? As a rule of thumb, avoid touching your face as much as possible, whether it’s at the gym or anywhere else for that matter.

After You Break a Sweat

After pushing yourself hard in the gym, don’t forget to hit the showers to get rid of the stench and sweat. If nothing else -always, always, always be sure to wash your face post-workout; sweat, bacteria, and oils can build up in your pores and if they linger on your skin, it could cause breakouts. Not cleaning your face and body after a workout is like growing bacteria in a petri dish. But thankfully, that’s where skincare comes to the rescue.

The skincare products you use on a daily basis should have two functions: help without over-drying your skin and protect your skin’s barrier - which is exactly how the Bettr You Set is built. So the products you use at the gym are no different. We cannot stress the importance of cleansing enough. If you skip cleansing, Go the extra mile with a lightweight moisturizer, like Moisturize Bettr, to help retain the skin’s water. 

Your face and body aren’t the only things these nasty bacterias can be found. This may go without saying but don’t forget to put your dirty activewear for laundry, the same goes for towels. Nothing pumps you up for a workout like fresh workout attire.

It doesn’t take much to look good, just look after your assets.

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