The Ultimate Skincare Guide For Active Men

Your outdoor jog may cure your blues, but sadly it’s not the best for your skin. You might be wondering, “What does my active lifestyle have to do with skincare?’ When you’re outdoors, your skin is exposed to more than just the sun (UV rays). External aggressors like pollution, cigarette smoke, weather, and smog could irritate your skin. 

During the warmer months, exercising outdoors leads to sweat, sunburn, oily skin, and even chapped lips. When the humidity level drops and it starts getting cooler outside, your skin could dry out. Not to mention the winter sun just as much causes sunburn and damage your skin.

So, why should you bother with skincare? If you’re not looking out for your body’s largest organ you might be leaving yourself susceptible to conditions like skin cancer that, while treatable, can be pretty serious. Not to mention, you could be the most jacked guy on the planet but if your skin looks unhealthy, you’re going to miss out on a lot of dates.

You might be asking yourself, “How could I protect and care for my skin?”  

  • Wash

  • After a grinding session of an outdoor workout, it’s absolutely essential to wash not only your body but also your face to prevent breakouts. “It’s always important for men to wash their face, but, more importantly, to do it correctly,” Dr. Keaney says. “Men are often overaggressive in how they cleanse the skin by scrubbing too hard.” To offset and protect men from their own strength, picking a gentle cleanser, like Clean Bettr, is key. Clean Bettr is the perfect gentle cleanser that avoids over stripping your pores, yet effectively removes external aggressors.

  • Moisturize

  • Moisturizing is very crucial all year long, no matter the weather. “Men produce more sweat and sebum, so finding the right moisturizer that doesn’t make you feel too greasy [or break out] is important. Retaining moisture in your skin prevents dry, irritable skin,” says Dr. Keaney. However, it’s not about just picking any moisturizer, but getting the right moisturizer for your skin and lifestyle. A safe bet would be choosing a lightweight moisturizer that reels invisible but still provides hydration - sounds like Moisturize Bettr.

    So you’ve picked the right moisturizer, but it doesn’t end there. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to moisturizer. Read more aboutHow Your Moisturizing Mistakes are Messing Up Your Skin.

  • Protect With Sunscreen

  • As an expert, Dr. Keaney says, “The most common mistake that men make when it comes to skincare is to not wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin from UV rays is the most important thing you can do and helps prevent wrinkles. Every day men should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or greater. It should be a standard part of every guy’s daily routine.” For added protection, if you’re outdoors for long periods reapply every two hours, wear protective clothing, or stay in the shade since long periods of exposure could be harmful.

    You watch over your physique, immune health, and food intake—you should be worried about your skin, too.

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