Why & How To Manifest Instead of Making Resolutions

Year after year, at midnight on December 31st we make a list of resolutions, goals, and expectations for the new year. We’re all too familiar with the trend; Sudden popularity of fad diets, gym memberships skyrocketing, and people working towards improving their lives. But why is it that only 9.2% of people achieve their New Year's resolution by the following year? Why is it that every year people abandon their goals after just one month, sometimes even the very next day?

Thereal reason is actually pretty simple: We set ourselves up for failure by putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. We put all that pressure on ourselves without taking into account the unforeseen obstacles. The idea that your successes and failures are all completely brought about by your own achievements or faults is inherently wrong.

So if you make one resolution this year, let it be to toss out this kind of thinking. But that doesn’t mean you give up setting goals and transforming your dreams into reality. It means adopting the practice of manifesting.

Goodbye Resolutions. Hello Manifestations. 

Manifesting isn’t a magical process as people make it out to be; It’s actually based on the ‘law of attraction’ or the idea that you get what you put out into the world. It’s about aligning your thoughts, mindset, and self-belief to attract what you want most. 

Think of manifesting like setting a goal, and then using your mindset to help you get there. It's a mindfulness exercise in focusing your thoughts and energy on what you want to achieve the most and believing that it's possible for you.

For example, instead of starting a new diet in January and being disappointed with yourself when you break it, try manifesting a more healthy relationship with food. Go into it with the mindset of doing something nice for yourself, rather than restricting yourself.

While you’re manifesting your best life, don’t forget to give your skin a thought too.

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