Why ‘Skin Purging’ May Mean The Best News Ever…

Why ‘Skin Purging’ May Mean The Best News Ever…

Skin purging sounds like a nasty word doesn’t it? 

Your mind goes straight to peeling, flaking skin with breakouts or you must be thinking what the hell is ‘skin purging’? How and why is that ever good?

Think of purging this way, let’s imagine you visit a Shaman, to be healed, healthy, and renewed from within. (And no, this is not an excuse to sign up for an ayahuasca ceremony right now...)  Now, to achieve the goal, you would have to let go of all the baggage and shit life’s thrown at you. You essentially have to be ready to face your dark side, your demons before you can move on to the light, your true uncapped potential. (Even Steve Jobs was a fan of this...)

Now, in that process of healing, if you had stopped midway when you were feeling bad, all of the ceremonies would’ve been for nothing… Just the same way with skincare, if you stopped at the ‘purging’ stage, how would you reap the sweet results? It’s a process, a process that rewards you in the end with confidence and having your best face. 

So now, you’re probably thinking… “How does skin purging actually happen?”

Here’s the truth on ‘skin purging’ and why you should NEVER fear it. 

The real deal about purging is about your skin’s natural reaction to active ingredients when introducing a new product to your skincare routine. The active ingredients trigger a faster regeneration of cells which may cause temporary acne-flare ups. 

It may seem like the product is “causing” the breakout but nothing could be further from the truth!

The products aren’t ‘making’ you breakout. Your breakouts were already forming and chillin’ there under the skin’s surface, and the ‘purge’ merely speeds up that process which is induced by our active ingredients to renew your skin’s health, faster. 

What you have to understand is that your normal breakouts vs purging are nothing alike. Flare-ups from purging last a shorter cycle than your run-of-the-mill acne. In simple terms, you’d know the skincare products aren’t working for you if your breakouts continue for over 2-4 weeks, anything before that is fair play and so is Bettr’s 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you quit before that process is over… Well, then it tells us you’re not ready to give your skin a deep refresh, moving all the bad stuff out to prepare for the new good stuff to develop. 

In closing, should you be celebrating these purge breakouts? 

Hell yeah! 

It means your skincare is working.

It means the bad stuff is forced exile. 

With the knowledge you have now my friend, you have nothing to fear. 

And this is why ‘Skin purging’ could mean the best news ever, and never ever to be afraid of, instead welcome it. Purge now, and go win.


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