What if We told you having HYDRATED, GLOWING, STRONG, & HAPPIER SKIN was EASY? (100% Science-Based Backed With Clinical Studies)

is Dealing With Dry or Flaky Skin Your worst nightmare too? Others may not Fully Understand You or feel Your Struggles... ButWe do

  • A feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming.

  • Skin that feels and looks rough.

  • Slight to severe flaking, scaling or peeling

  • Dryness-Induced Fine lines develops, contributes to premature skin ageing & wrinkles.

  • Itchiness, Redness or sensitivity.

  • Gray, ashy skin.

  • Lowered confidence and self-esteem.

FINALLY,Check-off these symptoms that have been weighing-you-down for good with bettr! (Even if you feel like theres no hope)

 Learn the TOP 7 Reasons Why Thousands of Men Rave About BETTR As Their Permanent Go-To Solution for DRY, FLAKING, Itching, or sensitive skin!


"Studies show that you're more likely to get hired if you look well-groomed, that good-looking people make about 12% more money than less appealing folks, and that attractive peers bring in more money than their less attractive peers."


Confidence from Healthy, Hydrated, Itch-Free & Flake-Free Skin is Really Attainable, and Hella Attractive. 

With the Bettr Trio Set, you get a professional system that helps to:

1.Locks in moisture back into skin and prevents it from escaping.
2. Nourishes & Hydrates for up to 72 hours (Clinically Proven)

3. Restores & Balances skin natural oils and healthy flora.

4. Protects & Soothes with wound healing properties. 

Bettr does all that and more, in 3 simple steps. Complete all your skincare bases; Cleanse, Hydrate, Revive, & Repair with one set to rule them all.

Look good, feel good. More confidence, more motivation, more success.

“I have had dry skin my whole life! After using each of the products in the Bettr boxset, my skin is clear and NOT dry. I'm glowing!”

- Kevin B.


The Highest Quality Products On Earth.

With the decades of experience with the Bettr R&D team alongside dermatologists & anti-aging experts in Asia, we have conquered our way to source the world’s best, richest, & rarest ingredients, to create you proven & effective products worth $400 at 1/5th the price by cutting out the middle-man and shipping them directly to your door.

Ingredients such as:

  • Red Seaweed: sourced from the Chilean Oceans

  • BlackBee's Honey:sourced from the Swiss Mountain Alps

  • Bamboo Charcoal: sourced naturally from Japan

  • Organic Virgin Argan Oil:sourced directly from France

...just to name a few.

You have the best team on your roster.

"I've been fighting problems for years with dry skin. Recently I have found the Bettr skincare line that has dramatically improved the dryness, texture, & itching of my skin."
- Dr. Jesse Olmedo (Board Certified - Mayo Clinic Trained Dermatologist)


You Get a Complete Professional System. Not A Single Product.

Serious Question: Imagine you are the coach of a basketball team, but you only have 1 player in your team, how do you expect to win?

That's right. Bettr skincare isn't a single product, it's an at-home Professional-Level Complete Skincare System for Men. You don't want just one player, you need a transformation system.

The years spent sourcing ingredients and formulating the right routines, we've made skincare easy for you in a fast 1, 2, 3 manner

1. A facial cleanser that cleanses deeply but gently.
2. A facial serum that repairs & revives

3. A facial moisturizer that hydrates & protects

A proven system that works synchronistically in only 60s a day. A team that is going to help you win.

Designed for beginners and cuts straight to the root cause of dry skin issues.The system builds up & maintains the foundations of healthy skin by penetrating the skin layers with nutrients it truly needs. 

Since I started using this 3 weeks ago I noticedmy face looks healthier. I don't if this is the reason but when I'm at a bar,women have said hi to me more than ever. So thanks,Bettr!
Alex S.


Bettr Results, & Faster!

Bettr has created phenomenal results over and over for our customers to completely solving their dry skin problems. Most commonly reporting to us their face is softer, smoother, and look like a million dollars. Because thats what a hydrated, healthy, balanced skin does naturally!

Results can come in as early as the first few weeks. You will be able to notice a difference in the way your skin feels and looks, fast.

For those new to skin care, you can see results in as early as a week.

So not only does Bettr solve dry skin issues, it also takes it all the way to give your face a whole new glow. 

People around you will start to notice. Ladies love it. Please don't blame us.

“100% recommend the entire line of products to everyone. Saw results within ONE week.”



Dry Skin's Absolute Worst Enemy. 

How? We go straight to the root of the problem of what's causing it. Our products fix the outer and inner layers of the skin to aid in its repairing and restorative properties to help the skin fully revive, become extremely strong & finally achieve its glow status

Whether you have dry, flaking, itchy, rough or sensitive skin, Bettr has gotten you fully covered.

Take for example, trademarked ingredients such as Pentavitin® and Phytospherix® (Unique plant extracts) inside Bettr have proven superior results over any other alternatives in the market, with up to 72 hours of hydration!

Bettr's standards are always:

  • Safely made for all skin types including sensitive skin.

  • Unique & battle-tested formula with award winning ingredients

  • No parabens, toxins, sulfates, synthetic-colors or nasties

  • 100% cruelty-free & never tested on animals.

  • ​Crafted in small batches for higher quality control.

  • Dermatologist Tested, Criticized, & Approved.

I have tried so many skincare products and BETTR is by far the best!
Justin V.


Your Current Bar Soap, Body Wash, or Stealing Your Girl's Creams Can Make Things Worse. 

Traditional soap & soap bars dries skin out, destroys the pH balance and skin flora, which is a precursor for long term skin damage, faster skin ageing, wrinkles and more dry skin related issues. 

Your typical off-the-shelf lotions are designed to be used for your body, and for a reason. They lack the special ingredients & nutrients that will make the difference on your face for the dry, flaky, or sensitive skin.

Due to hormonal factors - men have higher skin thickness, deeper pores, wrinkles, & higher skin pigmentation than women's. Hence the need for specific solution.

With Bettr, it gives you a Professional-Level Complete Skincare System, specifically designed with with you in mind, made for men by men, that will get you the glowing face, greek god status you desire. 

“Skin is visibly cleaner, clearer, smoother, hydrated throughout the day. Usually, with other products, I would have to reapply throughout the day. It feels good, I quite look forward to putting it on before going to bed and when I wake up my skin feels AMAZING!
Thomas J.


30 Day "Empty-bottle" Guarantee. If you don't love it, it's on us.

Bettr's goal and mission is make you bettr every single day, to help you reach your truest potential. We know it starts at the face because that's the most important part that you-in-the-mirror and others see first.

Once you start using Bettr consistently, you’ll see changes to skin texture, feeling, radiance, and how you feel immediately. Which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on all orders.

We standby our products, ingredients, and the results we've created for the thousands of men. So if you don't love it, it's on us.

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“When my girlfriend got me the set I was suspicious but now there is no other option for me but Bettr because it works so well. I would’ve never thought that someone like me would do skincare. But this is the new me and that’s what Bettr is trying to do. This is what they’ve achieved with me.”
Nicholas R.

“Bettr is something that made my skin change a lot, make it better and better. That’s why the name is Bettr.”
Zayon S.